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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2009.08.07 When the Families (finally) Meet

After the wedding rehearsal in the morning,
we went for final dress fitting, then took Tony's mom and relatives for lunch,
then took them for shopping around,
by the time we arrive home, we almost got no time for preparing ourselves for the dinner,
my hair was quite messy, my face was oily...oh noo... =(
and we only got 10 minutes to get ready, don't you hate it when you have to be in hurry!! ;p
that night, fake eyelash (once again) was my lifesaver ;))

so, the dinner suppose to be a get-to-know the family from the each side, mine and Tony's
because they never met before,
there were almost 100 people during the dinner, I have a big family...haha,
and it was 22 from Tony's side

T's sister, T's grandpa, T's mom, T and I
John, Regina (T's cousin and his wife), Me & Tony
with T's friend and sister from Taiwan
the crowd, lots of relatives came from far far away, thank you all for coming ;))
due to the different language, some of the family members were lost in translation,
but other than that, it was a fun night ;)

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