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Monday, September 21, 2009

2009.09.21 Disaster on 1st Day of School!!

Do you remember how does it feel waiting anxiously for your 1st day of school?
I remember mine...i was about 3 years old that time,
about to start my 1st day on kindergarten
waking up so early in the morning,
brush my teeth very clean,
had big breakfast,
enter the classroom with biggggggg smileee...all that jazz...OK...I'm kidding!!

well...the fact is like this,
i was so nervous and cranky on my first day of school,
too nervous that i won't let my nanny to let me down,
she (my nanny) told me that i was hanging on her waist for the whole day...!!
and yes, I was the only kid that wasn't sit on my chair that day...sigh...

now, 22 years later,
Monday, 21st of September 2009
I'm not doing any better than that...
I'm not cranky anymore, but still nervous!
after the long long summer vacation (3 months and honeymoon, will post about that later)
I don't feel like going to school, still want to enjoy my vacation ;p
oh well,
I had a great sleep last night, then woke up early and had my meal at 11 am,
it was Japanese beef curry, so yummy!!
then I spent about 1,5 hours getting ready,
really nervous on my 1st day of school this Fall quarter,
i want to look my best to boost my confidence...haha
by the time i have to leave my home, i had perfect make up and hair,
so happy!!

as always, I arrive school early,
went to the art building. I'm an Art History major ;)) the first to be in the classroom, not a new thing for me,
always love to come early and pick my seat

then i wait...
and wait....

the class supposed to start on 1.30 pm.
and by 1.35 pm I still sit there by myself,
ok...this is wrong!!
I access my school e-mail from my iphone to check if the Professor cancel the 1t day of class,
but there wasn't any e-mail that mention about that.

after waiting for 15 minutes, i went upstair,
and saw my advisor, Prof. Ehrm (off course it's only a codename...ahha)
and told her the odd situation,
then she said, "do you know that the school won't start until WEDNESDAY??"

man...either she will think that I was obsessed with school...or just a plain idiot... @____@

ok, I should've done a double check on that...
but why school in USA not starts on Monday!!! it's confusing...

to add to the injury of the day,
1. the bus to take me home was super late, it was 20 minutes late from the schedule...I was waiting in the windy street...huhuhu
2. missed my stop, and have to walked 4 more blocks to get home...hahahha

I saw this kind of scene on movie, and think "how retarded..."
can't believe that it happened to me too!!

but the good thing is that I'll have one more extra vacation tomorrow,
I always believe that behind any incident, I'll find a good thing to treasure ;D

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