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Thursday, September 24, 2009

2009.08.13 Thailand's Street

since this day is the loooooooooooooooooongest and busiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiest day,
I should write several entries of them ;))

We had our continental breakfast at the hotel,
and it was pretty good,
after the breakfast,
the Ancient Turtle -nickname for our guide- already wait for us at the hotel lobby,
he took us to the van, it was big and really spacey,
i was in love with the van, the air conditioner was so niceeeee....
outside was so hot and super humid

me...enjoying the super comfy van ;3

tired from the wedding preparation and the wedding day,
i got sore throat...duh!
and we were stop by 7 eleven to get some soothing candy

in front of the store, there was a lot of street vendors selling various goodies,
including this mouth watering tropical fruits ;D
here's some scene of streets in Thailand,
this is "tuk-tuk" Thailand's tricycle taxi
Thailand's taxi came in various colors, most of them are...PINK!!
they were so cute!!
lots of public phone booth everywhere


  1. PINK TAXI!!!! thats like my dream dude like hahahaha omg

  2. hihihihi, there were so many of them!!
    you should visit Thai, it was so much fun ;))


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