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Monday, September 7, 2009

2009.09.07 Back to Seattle

while uploading the wedding picture from my laptop,
I'll write a little

first of all, now I'm writing from my desktop...woohoo...i miss my computer ;p
laptop is portable and convenient, but i love my desktop more

my flight to Seattle on September 4th was hooooooooooorrribleee...
not trying to nag here, nope...i mean, for the first time, hubby and I got to seat on the 2nd floor of the plane. not the business class, it was the economic class,
but somehow it was more spacey,
but then, never in my life i experienced such a strong massive turbulence during the flight,
for a second, i think that the airplane is not gonna make it...meaning...bye bye world? (but not willing to die that fast, i just purchased some of the cutest high heel in Asia...need to wear those first!! haha)

anyway, we arrive safely here in Seattle, thanks God!! and we got the ride from our close friend, Ali, thank you Alii!! ;))
i was kinda upset that we were welcomed by the gloomy sky of was so gray...duh!
i miss the bright blue sky!! ;p
after we arrive home, hubby taking a nap for 30 minutes while i'm taking shower,
right after that, we drove back to Vancouver, WA to see his grandparent.
i was so tired and fell asleep in the car...zzzzz...zzzz......

I'm so happy to see grandma Yang (Tony's), haven't seen her for 2, months!!
I always love grandma Yang, she's so chatty...haha...Tony said that he scared that i'll turn like grams when i grow older...LOL
its too bad that she did not join our wedding in Bali due to a weak knees,

we stayed at Vancouver for 2 nights,
on Sunday morning we drove back to Seattle, it was raining so hard too,
when its raining, i love to stay at home ;))
the first thing i do when we arrive home is to wash my bathroom squeaky clean,
even that i wish that i were in my parents house and don't have to do all the cleaning and all, but i secretly enjoy cleaning my bathroom...haha...scrub all the corner until it shining...lalalala...
now, the fridge need to be filled, the house need to be cleaned, and the bills need to be paid.
welcome back to Seattle, welcome to the real life ;))

ps. yesterday we went to dinner with our close friends,
they told us that they were expecting baby ;D
i was so happy for them that i got all teary!! hahaha...i'm so emotional!
so so sooooooooo happy for you guys!!! super happy!! ;D

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back to the U.S.! <3
    I hope you recover from the jet lag soon!


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