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Thursday, September 24, 2009

2009.08.12 Welcome to Bangkok

I was so excited for the honeymoon!!
3 weeks before the wedding, I went to the travel agency in my hometown to book my tour,
it supposed to be 5 days / 4 nights tour to Thailand,
but since the return date was not available, i had to extended my stay for 1 more night

the flight from Denpasar, Bali to Bangkok, Thailand was 5 hours,
here's me arriving on the airport around 9 PM ;))
it's kinda blurry, hubby still adjusting his cam
the cute painting along the wall
they have lots of this Demon statues inside the airport (and also everywhere else)
and guess what...we were visiting Thailand at the right time!!
more cute paintings near the baggage claim area
The first restaurant we went in Thailand,
the guide told me that it was a Chinese restaurant opened by A Chinese-Muslim,
so no pork on the menu, mostly seafood
it was so crowded that night because it was the Mother's day (Queen's birthday)
the guide was really cheap...always ordered cheap stuff for us since the beginning,
small portion too...haha
I remember the seafood soup was pretty good
sweet and sour fish. can't eat this, I'm allergic to pineapple =(
in English, people call this dish "happy family"
then we asked him to order one extra dish...
this rubbing-alcohol-bottle-look-alike was the mineral water!!
looks pretty bizare XD~
after the dinner, the guide took us to the hotel,
we checked in at Arnoma Hotel, Bangkok
located at the heart of the city, a busy busy street
only few blocks away from Siam Paragon, Bangkok's biggest mall

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