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Thursday, September 24, 2009

2009.08.13 Wat Pho - The Reclining Buddha Temple

here's our first destination,
The Reclining Buddha Temple
they were doing renovation that time
exploring the temple
The Monks gave tours to the students
thee walls contain pictures of medical study,
the famous "Thai Massage" were invented here
and also the folktales
The building where they keep the reclining Buddha
The gold-platted Buddha statue was 46 meters in length, and 15 meters in height!!
The serene face of the Buddha
the little altar with little Buddha under the reclining Buddha
the decoration was incredibly beautiful,
I was speechless...the narrative painting on the wall was too awesome!!
"Touching" the Buddha's feet
the Buddha's feet were made out of mother of pearls,
and so were some other part of the decoration
they were look so nice and smooth,
and I was really curious about their texture...
then i saw this!! haha
the aisle toward the exit
this guy was collecting something from the buckets,
guess, what are those mystery objects...
yess, it was the donation =))
another little altar located at the exit gate
it was Marco Polo statue behind us
The Temples is Thailand was very decorative and colorful
there were more than 500 Buddha statues of various sizes inside this temple
outside the temple,
it's expected to see a lot of vendors selling souvenirs
and off course..."tuk-tuk"
we were waiting for our van,
it's me and...*cough*...the...ancientturtle...*cough*
and this is how the van looked like,
very tall and spacey, and i LOVE it ;))
that barley tea was so good!! yumyum...

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