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Saturday, August 1, 2009

2009.07.31 Visiting My High School, A Day with Vanessa

My lovely friend Vanessa & I went to our former school to send my wedding invitation to the teachers,
it was so fun meeting them, and had a long chat with them too,
i wish everyone can make it to the wedding party ;)

this is my former class, i used to study here during my senior year,
the teacher next to me was Miss.Susi, my history teacher, we love to gossip about a lot of thing!! haha, she's so fun!! i love her!! ;)
the one on the far right was Miss. Ari, my PPKN (moral & citizenship) teacher. yes, we have a moral class at school!! Miss. Ari is a very soft spoken person, she talk so soflyy =)
here they were preparing stuff for the cultural day
The School Principal, Mr. Sutama
used to be our Indonesian teacher, a lot of student were scared of him,
but actually he's not that scary!
my math teacher. he had a good method of teaching, an awesome teacher,
and sweet as well. Vanessa and I both got chocolate milk from him for visiting the school, how sweet!! ;)
another math teacher of mine, he was a substitute teacher at the moment
he was super nice!! sadly, he was left the school when i was on my 2nd grade because the other teacher came back,
it was so sad, a lot of my classmate (and I) were crying ;(
i was kinda pissed when he came back after i was unfair!!!
he was our geographic teacher,
but i was really suck at my geo class...LOL...
he's really nice too!! most of my teacher were super fun =))
after finished with the invitation thing,
Vanessa and I went to the small pastry shop across the street
we went there for their famous risoles,
while waiting for the risoles, Vanessa got pastel tutup & I got some cute random cake ;p
Our favorite risoless!! super good!!
My dearest Vanessa will be my bridesmaid too ;)
And after that we stop by the florist,
and check on the centerpiece arrangement for the guest table,
1st design was ok, but i want some white roses on it too
and the 2nd one will be like this
Then we went to Mal Bali Galeria on a quest to find my wedding shoes, i did not found it!!
but anyway, I got to enjoy a cup of frozen yogurt and a donuts, so it was a happy day too ;D

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