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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2009.08.05 Dinner with Dad

After the big lunch, Daddy took Tony and I for dinner at Warung Made,
it's always fun to go out with dad, he knows everyone,
therefore always got the best service anywhere ;p

my cam was foggy since we just get out of the full AC car,
here's hubby browsing the menu,
I especially like the napkins holder...looks hilarious!! haha
I love my dad!!
can you see that i got all my facial feature from him...those eyes...that (cute rounded) nose...the lips... =)))
Dad's order of Balinese Mix Rice with special rice too...
it wasn't on the menu, and the last time i want to order the same, i forgot the name!! duh! ;p
it was delish!!
Tony and I were still full from the huge lunch,
so we went on the light side of the dishes

Tomato & Mozarella, the basil leaves add a kick of flavor
my all time favorite ;)
it came with some brown breads...i took it home for my puppies ;p
Nicoise Salad for Tony,
it was delicious!!
Fun Dinner, dad wasn't ready for the camera...haha...looks so serious!!
Caramel Pudding for dessert ;)
kinda ruin my bride-to-be diet too...hahah

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