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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2009.08.07 Wedding Rehearsal

In the morning, my bridesmaids came to my place,
because the chapel will send their car to pick us up ;)
Dad was so busy spreading the last invitation that he can't make it to the rehearsal,
so it was only the bride & groom + all the bridesmaid and one bestman

I'm still waiting for the picture from their camera as well,
here's some of the picture from Tony's cam and my iphone ;)

introducing my beautiful bridesmaids,
Vina, Miss.M (Maya), Putri & Vanessa
the staircase that will be use for the bride's entrance
the busy crowd on the rehearsal,
including the crew from the chapel, and the wedding organizer too
and after the rehearsal at the chapel, we went to pick up the wedding dress and tux,
then having lunch with Tony's mom, sister and friends from Taiwan

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  1. wow, such a beautiful place and beautiful pictures =]


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