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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2009.08.04 My Bebe is Here!!!

I haven't met my hubby for 1,5 months!!
and I've been missing him alot! but on the other side, i had plenty of time for blogging,
if you notice...i've blogged religiously while I'm alone ;p

so today is the day that I've been waiting for the longest time,
I woke up early, took shower, and getting ready,
stop by the beauty salon to get my hair blowed dry,
i just want to look at my most beautiful when i meet him again ;)

the airport were jam packed, Bali on high season is total madness!!
good thing that i was only wait for 15 minutes,
then i saw him!!
he hugged me, but i feel weird...hahaha
i though i will jump and hug him, but i was hesitate to hug
i don't know why,
after a long time not seeing him, I always feel a little bit awkward, even that we always talk on the phone, chat and email'ing each other ;p

but anyway, I'm glad that he's here =)))

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