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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2009.08.05 Dress Alteration & Take Lunch

It was 3 days before the wedding day,
and the bridesmaids dresses just arrived yesterday with the groom,
so little time so much to do! only 2 of my bridesmaid are in Bali,
the other 2 is going to be here by tomorrow,
good thing that we have a family friend that own a garment, so she can help us altered the bridesmaid dresses ;)
and i was so happy that their dresses were fit well, only need to cut out the length by a little bit!!

after the dress alteration,
we went for lunch at Take, a Japanese restaurant that were recommended by Vanessa
Vanessa browsing around the menu,
hubby & I
the odd shape of soy sauce bottle,
its always dripping!!
cute decoration on the wall ;D
the lunch group ;)
everyone got this freebies, small bowl of radish and tuna
Tempura Udon
Katsu Don
Sashimi Boat,
this awesome sashimi boat were so fresh and delicious!!! mi piace molto!!
it even came with the baby lobster
the price was $30, almost can't believe it!! it will be at least double the price at US >,< the butter soyu clam was really delish!!
Unagi Roll
Gindara / Black Cod Sashimi,
one of my favorite, the meat is so buttery and just melt on the mouth,
can't help but order an extra plate of 'em!!
Chicken Liver was just ok
Ika, grilled squid with butter sauce...yumyumm!!
Grilled Gindara,
somehow the texture does not feels like gindara...
hubby and I were suspecting that they were given us the wrong fish! ;p

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