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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2009.08.03 A Day with My Bridesmaid, Introducing...Fish Spa!!

Vanessa and Putri are my bridesmaids,
and today's schedule is to go to the beauty salon to have the make up trial for Vanessa,
she representing the bridesmaid. thank you thank you thank you Vanessaaaa ;)
she was also the one who tried more than 20 dresses for the other bridesmaid,
sweet sweet girl ;)

here, we were having brunch at Warung Satria before heading to the salon,
Putri was craving for Balinese Rice ;)
After the make up trial, we were heading to Discovery Mall to get some dessert,
Vanessa already removed her make up here
Trying on Fish Spa,
we were hesitated at first, but was really curious too!!
so, fish spa is where we soaked our feet (and hands if you want to) to the glass box filled with the doctor fish. the doctor fish will eat up the dead skin cell
it was ticklish at first, we were all screaming!! haha
it was $10 for a 20 minutes session

1 comment:

  1. doctor fish that eats the dead skin? that's extremely interesting but I don't think I'll have the guts to try it... maybe some day, hahaha. It must of been very ticklish for you ladies!


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