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Monday, March 8, 2010

2010.03.07 Pregnancy & Shopping

I love shopping!!
but during my pregnancy, i didn't shop a lot, and it is wise to do so.
some of the reason are:
1. I won't keep this pregnancy body shape for a long time
2. Seriously, it is hard to find any cute pregnancy clothes!! no kidding...
3. Pregnancy clothes are mad expensive

so...why would i spend a fortune on expensive-not-so-cute-clothes that i can only wear for a short time period ;p
I'm on my early third trimester now, and still can fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, i was surprise that i can still wear my Lulu Lemon gym clothes too!
but off course I CANNOT fit to some of my pre-pregnancy clothes too...
I was trying to slip on my purple top yesterday, and it was stuck around my chest...I can't pull it off at all, and hubby had to come to the rescue! LOL
seriously...I don't feel that I'm that big, but the pictures never lie...hahaha

26th week & 27th week in my pre-pregnancy clothes ;D
So, since my body shape is keep changing, it is inevitable for me to get myself some of the pregnancy clothes, you'll be surprise of how little I shop during this pregnancy ;D
let me list the pregnancy clothes that I purchased so far,
* 1 pair of pants
* 2 pairs of leggings
* 2 pairs of pantyhose
* 1 shirt...ah, and few bras! that was the first thing i got before shop for the other stuff...haha

and off course I have to haul myself some good skin care to prevent stretch mark! the book said that stretch mark is inevitable for some people, but my friends that been pregnant before were swear by Palmer's Cocoa Butter.

newest additional stuff for my pregnancy skin care regime, been using this two for 3 weeks now, and loving it! ;D

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