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Sunday, March 7, 2010

2010.03.07 Up & Down

Ciao tutti!
how was your week? i hate to admit that mine was kinda blah and boring...
because I broke my food processor, therefore i can't cook for the whole!
and why do i need food processor to cook?
because, I've been so into cooking Indonesian food, especially Balinese food that need lots and lots of spices and herbs to cook, sometimes it up to 12 different types, oh yum!!
I enjoy the variation of the spices, and also enjoy spending a lot of time in my kitchen, andd...also enjoy the complicated process. And I do realize that most of the time I tend to cook rather complicated dish. I don't really cook simple stuff. A weird preference, I know ;p

ok, enough about me ranting about my broken food processor. oh, by the way, yes, I was the one who broke it, off course. I put the blade upside down... >,<
fun thing happened during my week ---> i was throwing baby shower for my dear friend, lots of people came and have good time together ;D

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