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Monday, March 15, 2010

2010.03.15 I'm NOT Diabetic!!!

Ciao tutti!
as you know, I'm so happy and joyful about my pregnancy,
but there's also a part of it that scared me to the max...and I think that it just fair that i write about them all, hopefully I won't scared you out with this post ;))

Sometimes, during pregnancy, some women will diagnosed with gestational diabetes,
a kind of diabetes that only affect pregnant women.

Around two weeks ago, I got my first test, the procedure was to get one's blood drawn one hour after one's took this super nastily sweet drink. smells like Gatorade, but 5 times sweeter!!
I didn't know that i have to fast for 10-12 hours before taking that drink, and alas! the hospital called my hubby the next day and said that I have a high blood sugar level, and I have to retake the test.
The news stressed me out so much that I got so depressed.
here's the fact, supposed I diagnosed with the gestational diabetes, I should poke my fingers everyday and test my own blood with the special kit.
Here's the fact...needle and blood freak me out. I had a horrendous phobia toward them...and not only that, even scars and bruised made me feel so squeamish!

anyway...they scheduled me for another test on the following week, and this time I have to fast for 12 hours before taking the special drink.
oh boy! fasting was horrible, especially I always got hungry at night...I was starving, and was so nervous about the test that I couldn't sleep at all the night before my 2nd test.
long story short, we went to the family clinic at 8 am in the morning to get my test done.
they drawn my blood for 4 times. once before i took the special drink, then once every hour after that for 3 times.
both my arms still bruised from the needle >,< the clinic call hubby again to tell him the result. *i change my contact number to hubby's cellphone because I was too nervous to get any news, I was scared if it going to be a bad news...*
and yesssss, the result is: I'm not having gestational diabetes!! I'm so happy now, finally can feel relax...thank God!! ;D

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