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Friday, March 19, 2010

2010.03.19 Busy Busy Bees...

Ciao tutti,
as I mention on my previous post, hubby and I just purchased our first home...yay!!
and we are extremely busy now, moving stuff around, not a very convenient thing to do for a pregger ;p
I had a bad bad insomnia and couldn't sleep at all last night, not even a minute! I feel exhausted in the morning, but have to drag myself to get ready to run errands, and boy...what a busy day we had today...!! the busiest I've been in quite a while, my schedule started at 9.30 in the morning. We stop by Starbuck to grab some coffee *decaf-soy-ice-caramel machiatto for me* then our route was like this...
got some drawers for my new walk-in closet / finally...a king size bed frame...yay!! originally want to purchased a white color, but end up with brown-black / a long table for my make up counter / a new computer desk for hubby / king size blanket: I love how they categorize the blanket by the desired temperature, I pick the coolest one / one set of king size bedding / and some other stuff.
and off course we ate the infamous Ikea Swedish Meatballs...yummm...

I'm so happy that finally i got to have a king size bed! pick up the Beautyrest bed. Original price was $950 for the mattress, I ask the sales lady if she can lower the price at all, but the say she can't. hubby suggest that we should check online price, but i want to get the mattress pronto!
then I asked the sales lady if she will match any price from their competitor, long story short, we end up paying $663 + tax for the mattress. that's a huge different!!
note: be a smart shopper, don't hesitate to ask for a better deal ;D

regular pregnancy check up, since I hit the 28th week, I have to see the doctor every two weeks instead of once a month. Baby is fine, and I will be 8 months pregnant by next week...time does fly so fast!!
after the hospital visit, I took some picture of the blossoming Cherry Blossom near our parking spot. They are incredibly pretty!! I'll upload the picture soon ;)

picking a color for baby's room, I pick a very pale blue color. This is our very first experience shopping for paint, after browsing the rack, we couldn't find the color at all...later we learn that they mix the color for us...hahaha ;D
couldn't decide what color to paint the living room, probably sage...???
pink up the painting instruction, because we never did that before ;p
also purchased the rack for the closet, door bell, shower head

we went to Target that was close to our new place, it's not as busy as the one located at North. and maybe that's why they don't carry lot of stuff...??
need to pick 5 pillows, but only got 2. Also pick up ring for shower curtain, also the shower curtain.

I was already exhausted and can't even remember what did we

put up the shower curtain, do some cleaning

to grab fast dinner...since we have to go back to the new house, waiting for the Ikea delivery guy

hubby drove me home because i already look like a walking was 7.30 pm. and I passed out right away...woke up at 9.30 pm and feel extremely sore all over my body. what a long long day!
it's 12.16 am now, and hubby is still at the new house assembling the new furniture...I thank God for a selfless, hard-working hubby, he made this so much easier for me ;)

gotta take shower now and go back to sleep...we have another class to attend at the hospital tomorrow ;D

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