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Friday, March 19, 2010

Important Things To Do For Mom-To-Be

Source: Newborn Care Class

Important things to do before the baby is born,
1. Chose a Pediatrician
don't be shy, ask around for recommendation of a good pediatrician, make sure that the one you choose is affiliated with your insurance company...otherwise it will cost you a fortune! (in US)

2. Child Care
supposed you planning on going back to work, you should start looking for reliable child care, it's never too early to find one, since most of them have a long waiting list! ask around for recommendation. Don't hesitate to check the place, make sure they are clean and safe for your little one.

3. Circumcision
supposed you are having a boy and choose to do so.

4. Cord Blood Banking
it's a very popular procedure where you bank the blood that drawn from the baby's umbilical cord. Supposed you do not choose to bank it, you can always donate them for those who need it. Here the list of the private bank and their price around the globe.

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