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Saturday, March 13, 2010

2010.03.12 My Mini Me

Ciao tutti,
I'm super duper happy!!
at the 28th week of pregnancy, hubby and I finally can see what's our baby looks like ;)
we went to a private ultrasound company, BabyPictureUltrasound around Bellevue area.
During the ultrasound session, our baby moves so much that the sonographer said, "I haven't seen a baby this active for a while! what a wild boy...he uses so much energy, no wonder you always hungry!!" lol...

anyway, here's our little bundle of joy...
he got my nose and my lips too...a boy version of my mini me ;)

he does lots of gesture with his chubby little fingers
muscular bebe...haha
bebe having headache...??
don't take my picture please...
that's my pinky ;)
and that cute little ear!
he finally let us see his face...
baby boy! ;D
now we can't wait to see him on June!! ;))

1 comment:

  1. me can't wait tooo !!!
    bebe Yang is so cute ! ^___^


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