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Friday, March 19, 2010

2010.03.19 Newborn Care Class

Ciao tutti!
earlier this week, on March 16th, hubby and I attended Newborn Care Class at hospital of our choice, Swedish Hospital in Seattle.
the class was packed!! there was at least a dozen couple taking the class with us,
the instructor, Beth was a mother of two herself.
the class was a 3 hours long class, teach us how to take care our newborn. it was an interesting class that briefly talk about what is safe for our baby, and how to deal with the newborn.
During the session, I was amazed on how little we know about this matter...we learn about lots of interesting fact that never even crossed our mind before.

After taking the class and find it very helpful to me, a first-time parent,
then I decided to start a new topic on my blog...parenting.
I will write the notes I took in class and other information I found online or from books that is related to this topic under Parenting category.
Please note that the main purpose of me doing this is mostly to remind myself of what I learn,
and as always, I love to share it with my friends and readers too ;))

Every couple that was taking the class was assigned with one baby doll on the table,
this was ours, a cute Caucasian baby doll with grey eyes.
they have either white baby doll or brown baby Asian baby doll...haha
...and we have to treat the doll as it was our own baby. as soon as the class start, no 'babies' were allowed to be on the table, we have to carry it everywhere, even during the break...haha...we took the 'our baby' to starbuck during the break XD~

other than the interactive lecture, and video in class, we also learn how to bath, dress and change diaper for babies. on each station, they were instruction of 'how to' and Beth, the instructor visited each couple to see how they deal with it.
I got the cutest cloth for my newborn, what a soothing color! ;D

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