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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2010.06.21 Doctor Appointment

What kind of sleep position is that...? ;p
Late night feeding
Posing before went back to sleep...
Why why always looks so intense when we took you to the
...but usually he will fall asleep in the car XD~
Baby E is 12 days old, we need to check his weight again. the first few days of life, babies will loose 10% of their birth weight. Last time we checked, he was 8 lbs & 6 ounces...

before we weight the baby, we need to take off all of his clothes, including the diaper!
This time he was weighted at 8 lbs & 10 ounces, 3 more ounces to go to get back at his birth weight!! ;D
Daddy is so tall...but one day i'll be taller than him! ;D

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