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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2010.06.22 Little Monkey

Mommy loves Baby E ;))
So...I bought this piece of baby clothe (oh well, it came in a set of 2), it's like a baby's night gown, the idea is to wear this night gown at night will make diaper change became much more faster and easier, because we just need to lift up the gown, instead of unbuttoning the onesie...
but the night gown became irritatingly annoying, when the baby move, the gown keep raising to the belly level, and expose baby's tummy and legs. no likey!

baby, you makes me smile! :)
Bath timeeee!!! this hooded towel supposed to be a bear towel...but somehow looks more like monky ;p
Daddy putting baby's onesie on
refreshed after shower...yay!!
...and it made him sleep so goodddd...
now 2 oz bottle can't satisfy him anymore...he start drinking 3.5 oz of milk...
sometimes it seems like baby E doesn't have the sense of fullness, he will keep drinking...drinking...drinking...and then became cranky because he's too full and the tummy became uncomfortable!!

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