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Friday, July 23, 2010

2010.07.05 Grocery Shopping

After a nice warm bath
the red bald spot still exist... =(
Inthe morning, we try the babybjorn for the first time...bebe looked intense! haha
Ready to go!

We went to H Mart, a Korean grocery store located at Federal Way (they have another one at Lynnwood) it's ike at least 30 minutes drive from our house, but H Mart at Federal Way is my favorite grocery store ever! it's huge and sell a lot of different stuff, wide selection on meat and fresh vegetables. They also sell fresh ginseng, expensive but good for health!

Bebe doing totem dance...haha...he was being suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuperb! he sleep all the way until we finished the grocery, and finally woke up after we arrive home...good boy!!
Monkichii making monkey face...haha
Later on, I cook Samgyetang / Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup with red dates and winter gourd. That was my first time eat fresh ginseng, it tasted bitter, but i found that the day after I ate it, it increased my milk production. I pumped out 9 oz of milk on one sitting!! the ginseng was 17 something dollars for a pack, I can make 2 bowls of soup with that, it's quite expensive but I'm happy with the result! ;D

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