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Friday, July 9, 2010

2010.06.23 Baby E is 2 Weeks Old!!

Good morning! today baby E is 2 weeks old already ;D
Ready to go out shopping with mommy & daddy
I love Costco! haha ;D
Today, my order from Bebe au Lait arrived!
Bebe au Lait is the company that made nursing cover. It looked like apron and very easy to use, now I will have no problem nursing anywhere anytime! :)
ps. when I put my order, the website have special thing going on that I got 2 nursing cover for the price of 1...however, the free stuff was so random, I didn't get to pick the pattern

this is the one that i picked, looks like Indonesian pattern, Batik
and this is the free one, pinky! I don't think I will use the pink one now, maybe will give it to friend or something
Summer is here, and it's time to wear new summer clothe!! ;D
Bebe starts having baby acne!! duh...hopefully it will be gone soooooooonnnn!!
matching socks :)
Mommy and E
Since it was a very nice day, we decided to took baby E to Alki Beach ;D
too bad, due to my postpartum pain, we couldn't stay too long...i wish we stay longer, it was a nice nice day, which is rare in Seattle!

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