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Saturday, July 17, 2010

2010.06.29 Circumcision...

Late night feeding...I love to feel the skin to skin contact to my feel warm and nice :)
after the feeding, bebe sleep so good...he didn't know whatwill happen today...poor boy!
So...we decided to circumcise our little boy, it's a optional procedure, totally up to the parent if they want it or not. We choose to do so just because we think it's more hygienic to have the boy circumcise...
Bebe should not eat 2 hours before the procedure, and 30 minutes before the start, they will put anesthetic cream on the bebe's p*n*s...heuheuhue
I was debating myself if i should stay inside the room or not...I'm scared of blood and all gory detail, I was afraid that i'm going to faint or something. but I ended up staying with him, sitting on a chair while hubby standing next to bebe. I guess being a mother give me more courage and made me stronger :)
Before the doctor start, he said that he've been doing this for 30 years (good thing!) and let us know what going to happened and what might happen after the circumcision...and tell the story that his second son got pretty unlucky with the circimcision and got all funky thing happened to him...oh lala...but he said that he wasn't the one who circumcised the son...i hope he's telling the truth!! lol
during the circumcision procedure, the nurse (on the picture) keep dipping bebe's pacifier on sugar water to calm him down. Bebe cried a little bit, but not so much...
I was proud of bebe, he was brave! after the circumcision, he was fuzzy because he was starving! haha...the doctor let us use the room and I nursed him right away, after that bebe didn't cry again...he was all good, thank God everything went smoothly :))

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