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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010.07.10 Saturday Outing

Good morning! bebi E is dressed and ready to go out ;D
on the background is mommy's vanity table that had been converted into bebi E's changing table...ohh, so much things that have to be compromised when the baby arrives ;p
and since baby E doesn't want to sleep in his pack and play, now we pack his clothes's easier than keep go back and fort to his nursery to get some clothes ;p
ps. baby like to mimicking parent's expression ;D
his baby acne getting much better now ;D
chubby butt XD~
Bebi E knows how to pose!! (^.^)v
playing with daddy ;D
mommy loves bebi E ;D
It was a bright sunny day, the West Seattle Community Park was crowded ;)
bebi E was tired, so we went home and took a short nap
Later on the afternoon, we took bebe to Green Lake, to meet up with friends...we only have 2 months of summer in Seattle, it's nice to be outside enjoying the warm weather :)

my friend, Yuka and I surprisingly got the same bebe au lait's nursing cover...haha
we were originally planned to get some nice gelato there, but seems like the gelato place been replace by Ben & Jerry's store...oh well...
bebi E & baby Ren ;D

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