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Friday, July 23, 2010

2010.06.30 Doing Fine & Bald Spot

The day after the circumcision, baby E doing just fine. It seems like he didn't experience much pain at all, and I'm glad! however, his p*n*s looks so red, almost like those cherry we open the bandage around the p*n*s 24 hours after the surgery, then we have to put vaseline on his diaper so the raw skin won't sticks.

he sleeps good ;)
and also being his serious self... XD~
my baby was delivered naturally with the help of forcep instrument, it caused bruised in his head, but the wound dried up and the dry / dead skin peeled...however, it leave this red mark in his head...and when I took a closer look on that spot, it had became a bald spot!! no hair grow there...ohhhh!!! does anyone had this kind of experience before? please tell me that the hair will (hopefully soon) grow on that spot... >,<

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