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Monday, February 1, 2010

2010.02.01 Back to Beauty

Feels like I haven't update any beauty related post for the longest time,
it's time for some updates! ;D

if i had to choose JUST one eye make up for the rest of my life,
it probably going to be the false eyelashes a.k.a falsie ( a black eyeliner, please!)
i love falsie so much that i have massive amount of falsie collection,
exploring different brands, to find out the prettiest & most comfortable falsie out there

if you are a falsie aficionado like me, you know that sometimes the falsie that looks pretty inside the box not always the most comfortable falsie.
some falsie have a hard, thick bones that hard to bend and sometimes poked your eyes too!
with that in mind,
i would like to present you some of my falsie collection,
and share with you my opinion about them, i hope you'll enjoy it ;))

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