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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Falsie: Red Cherry #42 in Black

ciao tutti!
this is the series of my review on some falsie, enjoy! ;)

Red Cherry #42 in Black
I got them from iheartredcherry for $1.99 a pair
while i was browsing their website, i saw lots of different red cherry lashes style there,
but seems like now they have less selection.
it took a while for them before they ship the lashes to me, because apparently some of the style i order was discontinue... =(

red cherry lashes have 3 categories: dramatic lashes, natural lashes and bottom lashes
#42 was one of the dramatic lashes

anyway...this is my very first red cherry falsie. and i LOVE it!!!
the falsie's bone is so thin and flexible,
even that this particular model looks dramatic, but it's surprisingly very comfortable and light!

in this picture, the middle part of the falsie looks a little bit bended / crooked,
it didn't came like that, it was because i was taking a nap with my falsie on... ;p
this is a pretty pretty falsie, and i recommend for everyone to try

this is what happened when i put my lashes in floating on top of my lashlines instead stick on it x3
apparently red cherry lashes are made in Indonesia, my homecountry!!
but i could never find any pretty lashes like this back then ;p


  1. a blog friend sent me the same pairs! I haven't tried them out, I'm so unsure how to put them on even after watching a million falsy tutorial on youtube. lol. Did the glue dried out yet? I still see the white glue O_O

  2. since the falsie's band / bone is so soft, it's so easy to put it on, just try ;D

    the glue dried already, but because i was in hurry to put it, it didn't stick properly to my lash line x3


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