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Friday, February 12, 2010

2010.02.06 Cafe Flora

Cafe Flora
Neighborhood: Madison Park
2901 E Madison St
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 325-9100

My friends saw the review of this restaurant on food tv and decide to try it,
and since hubby and I never been to any vegetarian / vegan food in Seattle, we were curious about that place too, especially when my friend told me that the place looks so cute...haha...i love unique restaurant!!

Cafe Flora located at our very own neighborhood
the decoration inside was really cute, a lot of wood craft and plants
they even have a kids corner
while we were waiting to be seated, each of us were playing with our own cam... ;D
the bar looks so unique with the wood shelves
the Menu...anything that was inside the box was seasonal stuff
The complimentary bread was so fresh and good...yumyummm
The Soup of the Day...I think it was...Parsnip Potato Soup ;p
so creamy and rich in flavor!
Bucket of Yam Fries with Cayenne Aioli,
surprisingly they have so much yam fries inside...the dipping was dreamy! it was a little bit spicy
Cranberry-Ginger Cider / fresh!!
I can really taste the freshness of the ginger
Portobello Wellington,
who knows that vegetarian food can be this fun! ;D
Roosted Root Vegetable Ravioli
Classic Three Cheese Pizza
hubby looks like an one eyes ogre...
cute paper marche artwork!!

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