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Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010.02.17 New Puppiesss!!!

If you been reading my blog for a while, you know that my family have 5 puppies that live in my parent house in Bali, and we love them all dearly...
guess what!! my brother called me and told me that our dear puppy, Pretty just gave birth to 3 puppies!!!! ohhh...what a joyful news XD~
I remember last month dad told me that he suspect Pretty was pregnant...but i though that it wasn't true...we suspect that she was pregnant before, but she wasn't. she just lost her appetite and catch cold.

sooooo...i asked my brother, who's baby was it, Dodo or Momo?? because we have 2 male dogs that stay inside the house with pretty. the small dogs live inside, the two big labs stay outside ;p
i though it was Momo's babies, since Pretty and Momo were always together...
"it was Dodo's!" my brother eventually the evil Dodo came and separate Pretty and Momo... >,< and claim the girl...
ha! enough about my own-made-drama
congratulation for the new mommy Pretty! she got 3 puppies, the first born is a boy, black like Dodo; the second born is another boy, cream like Pretty...and the youngest is a girl that looks like Dodo. cannot wait to see their picture soon! i miss them dearly!! ;))

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