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Thursday, February 4, 2010

2010.02.04 The 23th Week

This week, my tummy getting so big!! oh boy...I've gain 6 kg / 16 pounds so far!!
Today's doctor visit was great,
nothing was really interesting, nothing new yet, but baby and I are in good condition =)
no nausea, no swelling legs,
the doctor asked if i experienced any braxton hicks (fake contraction) yet,
then I asked her if braxton hicks feels like menstrual cramp? then she smiled and told me that when it happened i will know...haha

the doctor also measure the length from my pubic bone to the top of uterus,
she had a hard time to find the top of my uterus due to my abdominal muscle...haha...hubby made me work out hard before pregnancy! XD~
anyway...the lenght was 23 centimeters.
the doctor told me that the length in centimeter should be the same as the pregnancy week.

outfit for the doctor visit today ;D

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