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Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010.02.06. Alki Beach on Winter

Strolling along Alki Beach on Winter...I always think that this part of Alki Beach rather looks like a wide river ;)
you can see Space Needle and Downtown Seattle on the other side
Hang out with our newlywed friends, Ed & Fumiko...
thanks for hubby's new hobby of editing pictures, I can post better pictures on my blog now ;D
and also, he finally use his camera that been dormant for the long long time...haha...he starting taking picture again, supposed to be practicing for taking picture of our baby that will come this Summer ;))
my tummy looks really big already, it was my 23th week / 6 months pregnant ;D
some people practicing scuba diving even in winter!! so brave!!
...Alki's water even chill during Summer @_@
to the dock...some people were fishing that day ;D
there was a lot of pink start fish...they remind me of Patrick!! Spongebob's ding dong XD~
hubby taking picture of a seagull...
the poor thing only have one foot!
look what I found lying abandoned on the bench...Madagascar's penguins!!!!
I think they are the funniest, the real mastermind...and now they try to invading Seattle...hmmm!!! x3
a creepy house infront of Alki Beach...we never figure it out if it was a house / cafe / .....
Spring is coming...the flowers start blooming now ;D
pregnant woman exercise...haha...kidding!! the tree were already like that ok... ;p

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