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Friday, February 12, 2010

2010.02.11 Stila Bargain at Costco!!

and i don't have to explain why...I think you are all know the reason,
we can got a lot of nice stuff with bargain price ;D

and this time, I'm talking about another beauty's Stila!
the lipgloss set of 8, it looks like this at Sephora's site and it retail price for $25
This set contains four bestsellers:
- Starfruit (neutral pink with subtle white pearl)
- Kitten (caramel with golden pearl)
- Cranberry (deep red)
- Blackberry (deep warm red brown)

four brand new:
- Marmalade (sheer peach with pink and white pearl )
- Pinkle Twinkle (sheer pink with pink and multicolor sparkle)
- Plum Fairy (sheer plum with pink pearl)
- Candy (sheer pinky coral with subtle rainbow sparkle)

surprise...surprise...i got the exactly same set from Costco for...$16.99 ;D
a slightly different in packaging, but it's exactly the same size and colors...check it out!

*ok lah...i admid i have crappy picture and it does not do justice to the real colors...*
but check out the color list *click to enlarge* ;D
isn't it awesome or what!! ;D

if you were my follower on youtube, you know that this is not my first time finding Stila deal on Costco, right ;)

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