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Monday, February 22, 2010

2010.02.22 What a Busy Weekend

Ciao tutti!
this weekend been so hectic for me, it's so busy that i didn't even have time to take a nap...haha

Some fun thing i did during weekend,
- Planning a baby shower,
it's for my dear friend that will due 2 months before me, she's having a boy too. it's so exciting that my son already have a friend now!! and this is my first time throwing / helping friend with baby shower. do you have any fun idea for the game? some idea i got from google was: tasting baby food, using toilet paper and guess how big is the mom's tummy ;D

- Start my own baby registry,
a couple friends of mine being so kind to accompany hubby and I to Babies r us. show us what's the essential thing to get and all. I never knew that scanning stuff for the registry can be that fun! this is my first registry ever!...ever! i was super excited!!

- Hang out at friend's place,
i got to learn how to make Thai's green papaya salad from the master! i love it!!

and also, playing with her daughter and her playdates...4 little girls in total. so adorable!! my second baby is going to be a girl for sure *crossing fingers* XD~

- Looking for our own place,
been to 8 different but tired ;p

Not-so-fun thing that also happened during this weekend...
- My Iphone crash!!!!!!!!!!
...before i do any backup...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the sad thing was i was planning to backup the data the day before it crashed...but i forgot, off course!!
losing lots of friends contact number,
and losing my pregnancy pictures =((((((( ...good thing i upload some of them on fb already, so i still have some...
so sadddd...I'll be waiting for the new Iphone, rumor has it that it will launch this Summer ;D

- Bad Migraine
bad bad migraine...made me missed the church service today!

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