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Friday, February 26, 2010

2010.02.26 Pankun & James

Last summer, I got heatstroke during my trip to Taipei, Taiwan.
I was too dizzy to go outside, so I opt with staying home enjoying the air conditioner,
good thing they have interesting tv show that time, it was about this smart chimp and his pet, an English bulldog. i was so mesmerized by the show, i took some picture with my iphone...they are too cute!! x3
I was incredibly happy to find their videos, I think Pankun is a genius!!
he looks so cute while trying to make udon here...enjoy the video!! ;D
ps. i don't understand Japanese, but this video is amaaaaaaaaazingggg!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

2010.02.22 What a Busy Weekend

Ciao tutti!
this weekend been so hectic for me, it's so busy that i didn't even have time to take a nap...haha

Some fun thing i did during weekend,
- Planning a baby shower,
it's for my dear friend that will due 2 months before me, she's having a boy too. it's so exciting that my son already have a friend now!! and this is my first time throwing / helping friend with baby shower. do you have any fun idea for the game? some idea i got from google was: tasting baby food, using toilet paper and guess how big is the mom's tummy ;D

- Start my own baby registry,
a couple friends of mine being so kind to accompany hubby and I to Babies r us. show us what's the essential thing to get and all. I never knew that scanning stuff for the registry can be that fun! this is my first registry ever!...ever! i was super excited!!

- Hang out at friend's place,
i got to learn how to make Thai's green papaya salad from the master! i love it!!

and also, playing with her daughter and her playdates...4 little girls in total. so adorable!! my second baby is going to be a girl for sure *crossing fingers* XD~

- Looking for our own place,
been to 8 different but tired ;p

Not-so-fun thing that also happened during this weekend...
- My Iphone crash!!!!!!!!!!
...before i do any backup...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the sad thing was i was planning to backup the data the day before it crashed...but i forgot, off course!!
losing lots of friends contact number,
and losing my pregnancy pictures =((((((( ...good thing i upload some of them on fb already, so i still have some...
so sadddd...I'll be waiting for the new Iphone, rumor has it that it will launch this Summer ;D

- Bad Migraine
bad bad migraine...made me missed the church service today!

Friday, February 19, 2010

2010.02.19 I LOVE Utopia!!

Neighborhood: International District
Uwajimaya Foodcourt, #101
600 5th Avenue S

Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 682-0724

I used to go to the frozen yogurt vendor at South Center Mall...i think the vendor name was tutti frutti or something. it's the self service type of fro-yo and have more flavor, but in my opinion, Utopia tastes much better, and it's closer to my place too!! ;D

they supposed to have 21 different flavors, but they only have 4 flavors each day...i wish they have more!
so far I've tried the Original, Taro, Green Tea, Pomegranate and Lyche, and I love them all! most of the time, when i visit, they have Original, Pomegranate, and Taro...because they are the popular ones.
but there's one thing i don't like about this place...they only allowed us to pick two flavors for each cup =(

they taste so good that i hardly bother to add any topping...but sometimes i will have the original flavor with fruit toppings ;D
I wish next time i visit that vendor they'll have another flavor that i haven't tried before...;D

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010.02.17 New Puppiesss!!!

If you been reading my blog for a while, you know that my family have 5 puppies that live in my parent house in Bali, and we love them all dearly...
guess what!! my brother called me and told me that our dear puppy, Pretty just gave birth to 3 puppies!!!! ohhh...what a joyful news XD~
I remember last month dad told me that he suspect Pretty was pregnant...but i though that it wasn't true...we suspect that she was pregnant before, but she wasn't. she just lost her appetite and catch cold.

sooooo...i asked my brother, who's baby was it, Dodo or Momo?? because we have 2 male dogs that stay inside the house with pretty. the small dogs live inside, the two big labs stay outside ;p
i though it was Momo's babies, since Pretty and Momo were always together...
"it was Dodo's!" my brother eventually the evil Dodo came and separate Pretty and Momo... >,< and claim the girl...
ha! enough about my own-made-drama
congratulation for the new mommy Pretty! she got 3 puppies, the first born is a boy, black like Dodo; the second born is another boy, cream like Pretty...and the youngest is a girl that looks like Dodo. cannot wait to see their picture soon! i miss them dearly!! ;))

2010.02.15 The Joy of Cooking

I feel like a little princess on Valentine day, thanks to my sweet hubby!
and in return, I decided to cook something special for him the day after ;D

The dinner menu was: Betutu (Chicken cooked in Balinese Tutu Sauce), Plecing Kangkung / Kangkung Belacan (Ung Soy in Spicy Balinese Sauce), Mie Goreng Kampung (Super Simple / Cheap Fried Noodle) & Tempe Goreng (Fried Tempe)

I was sooooooooooooooo excited to try all the new menu, I never cooked any of those before! and been craving for those authentic Balinese food, but there were nowhere to found here!! x3

the fresh ingredients looks so pretty!!
I always adore the bird eye chili's vibrant!! ;D
My chicken was mad fat! it was around 5 pounds or so...already the smallest chicken among the other...the size of the chicken wings is even bigger than Balinese chicken tight!! LOL
Sliced carrot & cabbage for the fried noodle
it was around 12 types of different spices required to cooked the Betutu. and yess, Balinese food always required to use so many different type of spices...they are so pretty, fragrant and colorful, preparing those spices bring an indescribable joy to my heart! remind me of my hometown... ;))
can you guess what spices were they ;)
I'm glad that i have a food processor here...back in Bali, they use the traditional cobek / ulekan to grind the spices
some of the spices for the garnish
and this is what I did with the spices...slathering the grinned paste all over the chicken ;D
then the garnish...
done & pretty!!
now, wrap the banana leaf and secure it using some bamboo toothpicks
then put I let it sit on the fridge for 2 hours before baked the chicken...

the dinner!!
Mie Goreng Kampung, when i cooked this, i really didn't have any idea what spices to use, I just try to imagine those fried noodle from Bali...and it came really close!! ;D
Tempe Goreng, supposed to be one of the cheapest food in Indonesia. it made out of fermented soy beans.
Plecing Kangkung / Kangkung Belacan
and the star of the night...Betutu!!
and if you are course I'm not always cook this much! on my lazy days, i cook one or two dishes...on my laziest days...hubby cook...and on the most laziest days...we go out to eat! XD~

Monday, February 15, 2010

2010.02.14 My Valentine

Big thanks for our double date that booked the restaurant one and half months ahead ;)
Palisade Restaurant
Neighborhood: Magnolia
2601 W Marina Pl
Seattle, WA 98199
(206) 285-1000

trying out my new camera while waiting to be seated
the nice bridge to our table...
the incredible view of Magnolia & Downtown can even see Space Needle from here...
...but my view of the night was...our double date, Ed and the automatic Grand Piano...haha
cute Fumiko
we all got the Valentine Dinner
I always love the complimentary bread
non-alcoholic Guava-rita for me...later on hubby order got the same too!
it was really good, and the color match my dress!! ;D
the chowder
The Entree, Char Grilled Wagyu Sirloin & Lobster Tail,
I was skeptical about the steak because mine was medium-well and looked dark!...but it surprised me when the meat just melt in my mouth! so buttery and juicy!! the lobster was fabulous as well ;D
Beautiful & Delish dessert!! the chocolate mousse was great, and so was the chocolate ice cream!! I usually don't like chocolate ice cream, but that one was delish!
it looks like meteor shower...haha
hubby and I ;))
on the way out...the kitchen
it was a great night, and I was so happy!! ;D

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